myLAB Box Reviews

EXCELLENT Customer Service

The first time I sent my samples to them it took OVER 1 month for them to receive/test. They sent me a replacement box which I just sent samples back from and upon checking the tracking (it was supposed to be delivered yesterday) it is once again delayed.

The company immediately reached out to me to provide a prompt resolution. I am very impressed how they stand behind their products and make sure their customers are satisfied.

Sep 13, 2018

Ordered 14 panel test on July 30

Ordered 14 panel test on July 30, got results August 8.

This company is great and having that piece of mind is even greater. Get tested, don't wait and learn from your mistakes!

Aug 9, 2018

myLABBox... you guys are awesome!!!

myLABBox was the greatest discreet testing my partner and I have ever taken part of. I enjoy not having to go into a clinic, waiting for it to be my turn to get tested. The test itself took no more than 15 minutes out of the box and back into a package to be shipped back out. Easy to read instructions so you make no mistake and no awkward interactions.

This was my first time using myLABBox. They were able to honor a sale they had going on even without me having ordered before or hearing about the sale prior to purchase. Thanks Jill!

During the time of registration to be sent to the lab, I tried registering both my partner and my samples to my account. Apparently we each had to have our own separate accounts and I was notified by myLABBox representative Jade who helped get that setup while the package was on it's way to the lab. Stress free. Thanks Jade!

The customer service was fantastic! Both customer service representatives were very personable and responded extremely fast. This made the experience very pleasant.

The samples arrived to their lab within a couple days. It only took them another couple days to get results back to me. Real fast! Didn't even have to wait anxiously for the results.

Overall, my experience with myLABBox was the best... ever. 10/10 would use again!

May 3, 2018

Quick and easy

Easy to follow instructions and I got my results in less than a week!

April 25, 2018

Easy to follow instructions

Easy to follow instructions. Private STD testing. Wish the transaction didn't show up on my credit card statement as 'STD tests'.

Apr 22, 2018